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by Ansaar

Hypocrisy the like of a cedar tree completely uprooted
Those who speak with vulgarity when they are disputed

These Fasiqs will fill the lowest grade of the fire
For they were of the deceivers, of the wretched liars

It will be as if their deeds are scattered to dust
Never in these hinderers of good does one put their trust

They believed and disbelieved so their hearts are completely sealed
Verily, their Kufr was dangerous and cunningly concealed

On Yawnul Qiyamah they will beg for the believers light
Those who were blind although Allah bestowed their sight

A chronic disease of the heart who symptoms are known
Awaiting the wrath & punishment of the Most High above his Throne

Accumulating material wishes and worldly lusts
Their internal limbs and composures will abruptly combust

Constantly impressing others and eloquent in speech
The foils of the believer’s goals they will never reach

On that day when the trumpet shall be blown
A painful shiver will travel down their bones
A Day that no man cannot avert or postpone
At that moment their destination will become known

On that Day
They will regret having strayed away

Their records being placed in their left hands
They will drown in the liquid emerging from their sweat glands

They’ll be seized & shackled & dragged into the fire
For they were of the rebellious who followed their desires

Every soul is paid in full of what he has earned in this life
Let this be a rewarding reminder that will make each of us think twice

AlKauthar Institute