The Waters of AlKauthar

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The Waters of AlKauthar
by Manal Wazer

They are like gentle ferryboats
Students are the cargo they carry afloat
A smooth and calm journey is what they strive for
A journey so unique it leaves them looking for more

The treasure they seek is nothing but Allah’s pleasure
In the hopes that we will be given our due measure
In this attempt to guide them to knowledge’s shores
They make sure they fulfil their rightful chores

It is a task that comes with an unspoken trust
Sincerity, optimism and perseverance is a must
The reward for which is no monetary gain
Neither is it for a ride on the publicity train

A volunteer for AlKauthar does their best
All the time spent and sacrifices put them to the test
Their youth and time they refuse to waste
In the hope that they get a precious taste
A taste of the waters of Al kauthar.

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