Purification of the Heart

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By Anida Camdzic

Have you ever let a lady, infirm old woman stand on the train while you were sitting comfortably? Have you felt uneasy of being unconscious again or have you done it intentionally because you were too lazy to get up and stand for a few more stations?

Have you passed by your neighbor without saying salaam and smiling, again?

Have you missed 2 rakaats of Sunnah prayer because you were already late for Fardh, again?

Has the Shaytan beaten you again or you simply got deceived by Dunya?

Dunya has overtaken your heart, soul and body because you have chosen it. You let your heart fall into a trap of shaytan and its companions because you forgot that you may die tomorrow.

It is a sign of an ill heart. A pure heart won’t let you choose this worldly life over something that is eternal. The Prophet (pbuh) said:

“There lies within the body a piece of flesh. If it is sound, the whole body is sound; and if it is corrupted, the whole body is corrupted. Verily this piece is the heart.”

The heart lets you breathe and choose what is right or wrong. Indeed, a breathing heart gives you more than just a life. It gives you an existence, a purpose, and all that is meaningful in this life.

Existing, means having a heart that is alive.  By feeding your soul you keep the heart alive and conscious of the errands you are obliged to do. And it is simple. You obey His commandments, and feed your soul 5 times a day. Your soul needs food as your body needs food. If you don’t feed it, it dies. So does your heart.

There are bodies that are alive, but their hearts are dead.

You may not know what your Lord is holding for you, but you will always know where your heart is.

Can you distinguish between halal and haram? Do you help people in need? Do you give charity even when you don’t have enough for yourself? Do you smile at people? Are you happy with less?

If the answer is yes, your heart is near Him. It is alive. It is pure.

And even if the answer is no, you never lose hope. His mercy is above everything.

Purification of the heart starts within. It starts with ablution and Fajr prayer. It starts with a smile to your brother and with a helping hand to your mother.

It simply starts with being kind, sincere and faithful.

It all starts with the intentions. So does purification of your heart. If you feel that your heart is dead, don’t wait until it comes back to life as it will never come back, until you help it find the way.

Purify your heart with sincere dua and istighfar as He is always waiting for you to come back to Him. His hands are open, are you willing to run towards Him, towards the One who can’t wait to see His slave finding the right path again?

This Dunya is too short to be unhappy, to spread hatred and to be enslaved by money, people and desires.

Free your heart by purifying it and return to your Maker for it is the greatest of gifts for the Akhirah.

The path to God is always open. Are you ready to take the right turn and make your heart pure?

And remember, the sign of the pure heart is a smile and satisfaction with anything you have. The pure heart is always thankful, even if a calamity strikes it, it says: “I know Your plans are the best one.”

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