6 years old helps solve Islamic Inheritance cases!

By Sh. Sajid Umar

From Doha Fiqh of Inheritance course:

#Inspirational! 6 years old helps solve Islamic Inheritance cases!

Assalamualaikum everyone. Our Messenger (SAW) taught us that one of the first pieces of knowledge to be lifted will be the knowledge of Islamic Inheritance.

In the link below; please find a short 8 minute interview with a 6 year old that attended an Islamic Inheritance course with AlKauthar Institute in Doha, Qatar this January 2017 (www.alkauthar.org). In this interview he shares some knowledge he gained from the course, and it is pretty amazing – MashaAllah!

It is my hope that this little interview will help break down any barriers we have when it comes to learning the subject (InshaAllah).

If a 6 year old can; then YES we can 🙂


Enjoy 🙂 and please share to further our benefit InshaAllah.

Please spare a moment to pray for little Abdullah as well. May Allah increase our knowledge and the knowledge of all the children of the Ummah.


AlKauthar Institute