The Trait is Determination

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By Nahla

At least 17 times a day we beg Allah to show us the right path, the path of people that receive Allah’s mercy. The path, of which, majority of mufassir agreed, and the path of The prophets, the shiddiqeen, the shaheed, and the shalihin.

Now, let’s focus on the Prophets first. How do we get on the path that they walked?  How can we emulate them?  What made them so special?

Allah singled out five Prophets and talked about them extensively in the Quran. The Prophet Muhammad SAW, Nuh a.s., Musa a.s., Ibrahim a.s., and Isa a.s. He called them “ulul azmi” , which turns out to mean, “the people of great determination”.

They are people who are defined by their incredibly high level of determination – that’s what separates them from thousands of other prophets and messengers. They stuck to their job come hell or high water. And they are determined to do their job, no matter what. This attitude turns out to mean a lot to Allah. He didn’t single them out because they were most pious or most intelligent, or most friendly. It shows us that determination means a lot in His Sight.

On the other hand, He mentioned also in the Quran that one of the reasons Nabiyullah Adam alaihissalaam made his mistakes was that he didn’t have that much of a determination.

And We did not find in him any firm resolve” (Sūrat Tāha, 20: 115)

That taught me, if we want to be special in Allah’s eyes, develop some high level determination. The kind that just cannot be bugged by anything that comes in your way. The kind that makes you fight for your mission regardless of anything.

And so I pray…. May Allah grants you and I a determination that is like the determination of His Ulul Azmi Prophets,  a determination that bring us mercy and blessings from His Throne. May Allah gives us the honor of being defined by our level of determination to do our jobs like His elite group of Prophets.


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