The Messenger to the Messengers

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By Aneesa Paruk

Has the story of Jibril (AS) reached you? The closest of Allah’s angels to Him. The friend of Rasulullah ﷺ and the Prophets before him. The messenger to the messengers and one of the most magnificent creations of Allah.

Do you remember when Jibril (AS) gave Maryam (RA) glad tidings of the righteous son? When the pangs of childbirth drove her to the trunk of a palm tree and She (RA) wished death had overtaken her before that. Jibril (AS) was there, counselling Her (RA). When the disbelievers plotted against Essa (AS) and Allah plotted against them. It was Jibraeel (AS) who took Essa (AS) to Paradise.

Has the story of Firaun reached you? When the ocean engulfed Firaun and his army and Jibril (AS) feared that Allah in all his Mercy would forgive Firaun if he uttered a word of repentance.

Do you know the honour of Jibril (AS) in the sight of Allah? Imagine Allah in his greatness and majesty. He calls out to Jibril (AS) and says ‘I love so-and-so; so love him. After that, Jibril (AS) announces to the inhabitants of the heavens that Allah loves so-and-so; so love him.

‘Abd Allah (b. Mas’ud) reported the Messenger of Allah () said:

“When Allah, the exalted, speaks to send revelation, the inhabitants of heaven hear the clanging of a bell from the heavens like a chain being dragged across a rock, and they swoon. They continue to remain like that until Jibril comes to them. When he comes to them, they recover and say: ‘O Jibril, what did your Lord say?’ He would say: ‘The truth,’ and they would say: ‘The truth, the truth.'” (Bukhari)

Do you remember when Jibril (AS) slit Muhammad’s ﷺ chest open and cleansed his heart with zam-zam? When Allah bestowed the love of seclusion on Him ﷺ and he had retreated to Hira for weeks. Do you remember when Jibril (AS) embraced Muhammad ﷺ until he could not bear it any longer? When Muhammad ﷺ laid eyes on Jibril (AS) as he rose, his 600 wings spread across the horizon, dripping with rubies and pearls. Jibril (AS) drew so close to him ﷺ that he fell to the ground. Do you remember the Miraj? When Jibril (AS) journeyed with Muhammad ﷺ to the heavens. Showing him that which his eyes have never seen. Do you remember when Jibril (AS) gave Salam to Aishah (RA)? Can you imagine that?

Do you remember Muhammad’s ﷺ relationship with Jibril (AS)? Jibril (AS) swore by Allah, that he loved Muhammad ﷺ more than any of the Ambiyya (AS). When Jibril (AS) recommended the correct treatment of neighbours so much, Muhammad ﷺ thought it would become mandatory to assign a share of inheritance on his neighbours. When Muhammad ﷺ was grieved and he cried for his Ummah that were to come after him. Allah sent Jibril (AS) to comfort him, to console him, to assure him that his Ummah will not disappoint him.

Do you remember when Muhammad ﷺ fell ill? Jibril (AS) passed his hands over the body of Muhammad ﷺ saying, ‘In the name of Allah, I seek a cure for you.’ The most beloved of Allah, was comforted by the best of Angels.

Can you imagine what it was like when Jibril (AS) personally advised Muhammad ﷺ? When he told him ﷺ to live as he wills, but to know, death will reach him. To love who he wills, but to know that he will be separated from the one he loves. To do as he wills, and know he will be rewarded accordingly. Do you remember when Jibril (AS) reviewed the Quran with Muhammad ﷺ twice? When the pangs of death tightened their grip on Allah’s most beloved creature and his face lit up when Jibril (AS) appeared before him. Muhammad’s ﷺ soul left his body as he uttered, The Most High, The Most High.

Do you know that even Jibril (AS) will die? When the trumpet is blown and the only ones that stand are the ones who your Lord wills. Jibril (AS) will fall to the ground, his wings spread out, glorifying Allah. Every single being will perish, only the noble face of your Lord will remain.

This is Jibril (AS), honoured with the most virtuous task of delivering the revelation to every Messenger (AS). How beautiful is Jibril? His obligation and desire is just one, to please Allah.

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