Never Lose Hope

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By Anida Camdzic

Never lose hope.

When you are going through the toughest moments, there is a way out. It all takes a little patience and sometimes ample time.
Life is tough. It drags you down, to get you up. Even toughest moments are precious. They teach you to be patient, strong and persistent. They lead you to Him, they get you closer with The Almighty. To The Almighty who has already decreed your destiny, your tonight and tomorrow.

Have you ever been dragged down and wondered why you keep getting thwacks one after another? It also has its reasons.

When was the last time you thanked your Creator for still letting you breathe and giving you the chance to repent and come back to Him again?

Did you wake up this morning and thanked Him for opening your eyes and seeing those you love one more time?

Gratitude towards The One who created you and your hardships go along, hand in hand.

Never let your hardships get you down. Allah takes those you love, your family members, your friends, and all other material things just to replace it by something bigger and better for you. And just when you thought what can be bigger, more important and loved than your kid, a family member or husband, well there is. There is something greater than all the goods of this world. And guess what, nothing has ever belonged to you. Not even yourself. Your creator is your Owner. You are just a slave, and don’t get disdainful by forgetting that there is someone out there, Bigger, Greater and more Merciful than anyone else would ever be. It is your Lord. The one who gave you one more day to live.

He gave you the storm to embrace you and get you closer to Him.

Your hardships have never been there to tell you that God has distanced Himself from you. No. It has always been totally opposite. Your hardship has always been there to remind you that you have gone too far from The One who loves you the most.

He is just testing you, giving you a little bit difficult exam than the one you used to take. He surely won’t burden you more than you can bear. He is The One who is the most merciful, most forgiving and The Great One. The one who is always waiting for you to come back and say:

                                                                               “Oh My Lord, Forgive me.”

Forgive me for abandoning you. Forgive me for going astray. Forgive me for embracing this perishable Dunya. Forgive me for replacing you by the things that never matter. Forgive me for being haughty, spiteful and proud.

Every night before you go to bed, make a little prayer. Thank Him. Show Allah that you love Him the way He loves you. Show your gratitude and stay patient through the times of hardships.

And remember, Allah tests only those He loves. Be happy. He is giving you this difficult test to show you His love. And you, you stay patient, bear the test and show that you love Him and as bigger your test is, your gratefulness towards Him should also be greater.

How Merciful ArRahman is. And how unthankful you man are.

You sin, you go against His commandments, you disobey Him and He is still begging you to come back. It is never to late to make a tawba. Turn to your Lord before tomorrow. Ask Him to forgive you all transgressions you have done against Him, yourself, and others.

Life is beautiful. And from which ever side you observe it, it is even more amazing. He sees you transgressing, and still waiting for you to raise your hands and say:” O Mender, mend me. Make me stronger and Help me to find the way back to You.”

The time to return to Allah is now. Not tomorrow, not next week, not next month. Only now would not be too late.

He is giving you the new chance to live His principles now. And how you, human, a perishable thing, can afford yourself to miss it, to ignore His call, and literally refuse His invitation to Heaven.

Get back to Allah. Leave the Dunya, and all the things that drag you far away from Him. Do not lose hope. Your faith is the faith of hope. Do make your relationship with The Creator the strongest one and everything else will fall at its place.

Be happy and follow His commandments. Do go through the storm with patience knowing that something wonderful is waiting for you out there. Something that will never end. Something where you will be eternally happy and where there be no storms. Only smooth seas are waiting for you. And the lights that will lead you home.

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