The Spices of Life

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By Huma Rasuly

“Every soul shall taste death”, is one of the many things Allah has promised the humans living on this earth, regardless of race or religion. Nobody can escape the grips of death when their time comes, no matter how old or young, how rich or poor.

Something I would like to bring your attention to is that Allah uses the word ‘taste’, or ‘savour’ as opposed to something like ‘experience’. You see, us humans, we taste the different flavours of life via the many experiences we undergo. We taste the sweetness of having family and friends around us, we taste the bitterness of tragedy that descends upon our lives, we taste well deserved victory after attaining something we’ve been trying to achieve, such as a degree or a good job. Every experience brings with it a distinct taste, a flavour of its own. And death is no different.

For lovers of all things good, death will be another distinctly sweet taste they’ll experience. Could there be anything sweeter knowing where they are headed and who they’ll be keeping the company of? And for those that derive pleasure from causing mischief on the land of God, well, they will also taste death with a distinct flavour. How you live on this earth and the flavour preferences you’ve chosen determine what flavour you’ll be served at the time of your death. The choice *literally* lies in your own hands. So ask yourself: do I want my departing experience to be a good or a bad one? And then live your life accordingly.


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