Editorial Team


Mohamed Ibrahim
An engineer by training, has experience in public relations and communication, a practitioner and teacher of Hijamah (blood-cupping), and also provides personal coaching to teens and new Muslims. She enjoys Allah’s gift of nature – travelling, swimming and scuba diving.
A graduate in Physics and a trained exploration geologist. Currently exploring, learning and teaching Qur'an recitation. Her favourite people are her husband and the baby in her tummy.
Nahla is a 30-something female AlKauthar Institute volunteer who likes to read and write. Her passions include self-development books, participating in community organizations, and Qur'an learnings. She works full time in media industry.
Anida Camdzic
26-year-old IT graduate, born in Bosnia and Herzegovina, lives in Kuala Lumpur while working as an IT/Marketing Executive and a web developer. Love traveling, writing, meeting new people, cultures and trying good food. Moto in life: “If Allah brings you to it, He will bring you through it.
Hezne Abu Hassan
She has worn many hats in her past working life in industries like oil and gas, training, advertising and manufacturing. She has traded all her hats for her favourite hat, the Mommy Hat. She is now a stay-at-home mom doing the two things that she love: educating her girls and writing. She is grateful that Allah has bestowed her with the passion of the written word and hopes to use it to serve the deen.
Aneesa Paruk
Huma Rasuly
Nur Najwa
Shares her passion in travelling and watercolour painting. She is comfortable around paint brushes, a flower lover and adventure seeker.

Past Contributors

Suad is an undergraduate student, who occasionally writes and blogs, in the hopes of benefiting someone down the line. She enjoys reading until her heart is content.
Emerging as both a writer and activist, Umm Muhammed actively hopes to aspire some change in her community through her writing.
After having studied Communication at the University of Toronto, M. Bint Ahmed is an avid writer and reader, who blogs about her experiences as a student of knowledge, and a student of secular studies.